REMINDER: A Comparison Between President Trump’s Inauguration and Biden’s Inauguration and More Continues to Show President Trump Was the Legitimate Winner of 2020 Election

Two years ago TGP shared that everything was different between President Biden’s inauguration and any prior inauguration.   Of course, this indicated a total lack of support due to the fact the election was stolen.

A great report at compared the Biden inauguration to President Trump’s inauguration in 2017.  The report provided the pictures above and says all you have to do is look at the pictures above to know Joe Biden didn’t win the election legitimately.  The crowd for President Trump went all the way to the Washington Monument from the Capitol, Biden’s gathering was almost nothing:

It is also important to note that the Trump crowd in 2017 was totally normal, comparable to every past public inauguration since such events became occasions of grand splendor.

For Democrat Joe Biden, however, the lack of a crowd is essentially unprecedented. While past inaugurations were greeted with large enthusiastic crowds of citizens coming to celebrate the democratic and peaceful transition of power, yesterday’s event was heralded by wartime security, barbed wire fences, military checkpoints, and a military police guard of 25,000 troops. Biden officials claimed this tight security was necessary because of the threat of violence.

I ask however: If 80 million voters swarmed the polls on November 3rd to elect Joe Biden, why does his new administration feel so afraid of the American people? No president in the past was this terrified of taking his oath of office in front of a gigantic crowd. Even Abraham Lincoln did so before a huge crowd in 1865, even as the Civil War still raged, as the photo below shows most emphatically.

Abraham Lincoln surrounded by crowds at 2nd inauguration
(The red arrow points at Lincoln speaking.)

No, the inauguration of Joe Biden is something quite different than any past American transition of power. It comes surrounded by numerous allegations of election tampering and vote count fraud. A vast part of the population — quite likely the majority of the country — strongly believes the election was stolen, a belief that has been reinforced by the aggressive resistance of election boards and Democrats to investigate those allegations. That resistance has been so strong that the Democrats and their supporters have even made it their goal to blacklist and destroy anyone who even dares raise the question.

This is all so true.  There were more people lining the five-mile trip between the Palm Beach, Florida airport and the President’s home at Mar-a-Lago than there were at the Biden inauguration.

Biden didn’t come close to beating President Trump in the 2020 election.  Each day the evidence is more and more clear.

TGP shared a video from Biden’s inauguration that showed virtually no one was there.

100% Fed Up reported:

A New Video Has Emerged Taken On A Personal Recording Device By A Conservative Press Member at the 2021 Inauguration Ceremony of Illegitimate Presidential Usurper, Joe Biden.

The video shows the lack of anyone there at the Inauguration.  Sad.  So sad.

We saw the same thing during Biden’s campaign where people were wondering if it was real or not:

“It’s Kind of Boring Out Here” – Arizona Reporter STUNNED After NO ONE Shows Up at Campaign Event with Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris (VIDEO)

Two years have passed and Biden still has no base and no conscience.  

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