Disconsolate in Uvalde

(Scott Johnson)

We are still processing the tragedy yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. The Associated Press has just posted the story “Gunman kills 19 children, 2 adults in Texas school rampage” with the latest information as of this morning. The scene is still being processed and the count may or may not be final.

At the moment we can only pray: pray that the facts will be known, pray that the injured will recover, pray that the memory of the murdered children will live on, pray that the families of the victims find consolation in their faith and in the memories of their loved ones, and pray for our troubled country.

Losing loved ones in something like the ordinary course of life is hard enough. Losing children to insane mayhem is something else. Seeing video of adults weeping and comforting each other brings it home in a way with which any parent can identify. It hurts.

But for the heroic deeds of law enforcement it could have been worse. “The attacker was killed by a Border Patrol agent who rushed into the school without waiting for backup, according to a law enforcement official,” according to the AP story. The story reports:

One Border Patrol agent who was working nearby when the shooting began rushed into the school without waiting for backup and shot and killed the gunman, who was behind a barricade, according to a law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about it. The agent was wounded but able to walk out of the school, the law enforcement official said.

More here. While we pray for the kids and their families, we can thank God for men such as the elite Border Patrol agent and others who intervened. They saved a lot of lives.

We are apparently fated to have our heartbreak and sorrow aggravated by a certain breed of politician. The breed finds the moment of unspeakable tragedy a fit moment to undertake histrionic displays and hysterical lectures promoting their favored causes. Among this number is President Biden, who could have met the moment but chose not to. He failed it. The White House has posted the transcript of his remarks here.


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