WATCH: CNN Brian Stelter Claims CDC Has Become Punchline Due To COVID-19 Mismanagement

Even before Joe Biden would supposedly win the 2020 election, the Democrats had a massive backing when it came to the liberal media. Outlets like CNN couldn’t help themselves when it came to former President Donald Trump. They blasted his decision, vilified his personality, and surrounded his presidency with baseless scandals and claims. But when the Democrats took control, CNN found their viewership dwindling as the network had a rather difficult time making Biden appear to be the competent leader they promised. Now, as the Biden administration and government has squandered their efforts to fight COVID-19, it appears CNN is flipping sides as their own Brian Stelter recently mocked the CDC for their failed attempts at curbing the coronavirus. 

On Sunday, Stelter was discussing a recent interview with the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie when he suggested they have become a punchline in America. 

Even confused after speaking with the CDC, Guthrie noted, “All of this mixed messages or new messages has led to a meme on social media poking fun at the CDC’s advice, tweets like, CDC now recommends eating straight off the floor at Waffle House. The CDC now says it’s in fact okay to eat Tide Pods. The CDC says go ahead and get bangs. You know, it’s amusing, people letting off steam, of course. But is there a larger credibility problem with your agency right now?”

That’s when Stelter ripped into the CDC, stating, “It is so sad but it’s true. The CDC has turned into a punch line. There’s a huge credibility crisis for the CDC … it just causes people, if they hear all these mixed messages and all this confusion, it’s all too complicated, they just move on and ignore it.”

Oliver Darcy, senior media reporter for CNN, also chimed in adding, “There are a lot of, for instance, stories ahead of Thanksgiving and the holidays saying — advising people to take all these precautions. It’s not that it’s bad to take those precautions, but it just felt like when I was reading it and talking to other people, nope, people are not reading these articles and doing every step in the playbook. And we need to be maybe coming up with realistic solutions and advice to the general public when talking about COVID.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on January 10, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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