Glenn Youngkin Isn’t In Office Yet, Though Somehow Blamed For I-95 Snafu

It helps to blame a politician for something after that politician is in office and actually responsible for the problem. But there are those who can’t seem to read and thus miss the obvious. Those people are called Democrats.

FNC: “Virginia’s Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin doesn’t take office until Jan. 15 – yet some critics Tuesday tried to blame him, instead of the commonwealth’s outgoing Democratic incumbent, for a traffic mess on part of the state’s 179-mile-long stretch of Interstate 95.

Hundreds of travelers – including U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va. — were stranded in their vehicles overnight Monday into Tuesday in frigid conditions along the northern third of the highway in Virginia.”

Various Democrat imbeciles called it “not a good start” for Youngkin, while another genius whined, “does Virginia’s new Governor Youngkin know people have been stranded on I-95 for 15 hours?” The actual governor blamed drivers. “We gave warnings, and people need to pay attention to these warnings, and the less people that are on the highways when these storms hit, the better,” Ralph Northam told The Washington Post. Others weren’t buying his line.

“Ah yes, it’s the drivers’ fault his incompetent governance and lack of preparation from his VDOT led to people being stranded for more than 24 hours, including a U.S. Senator, on a highway in freezing temps,” tweeted Michele Perez Ezner.

Matt Whitlock: “WILD. 24 hours after snow had stopped, big portions of busiest freeway in the state hadn’t seen a single plow — but it’s drivers’ fault for trying to get to work?! Lots of frozen roads today because they STILL haven’t plowed. Good riddance @RalphNortham. ” More bashing followed, “Northam is victim blaming his constituents for driving on I-95? Ridiculous. Thank goodness he’s gone in 10 days,” said Gabriella Hoffman.

In other Youngkin news, the upcoming governor will pull Virginia out of a ridiculous climate change pact between states. Excellent. “Virginia’s small businesses are managing several obstacles such as the labor shortage and supply chain disruptions. Small business owners need lawmakers to enact policies that promote job growth, not deter it, as they work on recovering their businesses to pre-crisis levels,” state director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses Nicole Riley said.

She continued, “By removing Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin is sparing small business owners from an increased cost in their electric bills and other expenses they simply cannot afford right now.” Well done already, Mr. Youngkin.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on January 10, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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