Carbon Nation Leader Detained by Police

According to police, the leader of an accused polygamist group has been detained for rape and false imprisonment.

Eligio Bishop, 40, a member of the cult ‘Carbon Nation,’ who goes by the moniker ‘3God’ and ‘Nature Boy,’ was arrested on April 14, according to officials.

The arrest came after a raid on Bishop’s Georgia home about 6 p.m. on Wednesday night.

Dekalb County Police Department officers and detectives carried out search and arrest warrants, according to a Dekalb County Police spokeswoman.

According to a police spokesperson, the ‘Special Victims Unit’ initiated an investigation after receiving a complaint about Bishop on March 30.

He’s been charged with rape, false imprisonment, and violating the law against sending nude or sexually explicit electronic transmissions.

According to authorities, other allegations include the ban of nude or sexually explicit electronic transmissions.

According to reports, it’s unclear what the lawsuit accuses Bishop of.

A police spokesperson got to add: ‘There is no additional information at this time.’

Bishop is currently incarcerated in DeKalb County.

During a Friday court appearance, he was denied bail, in part because of his alleged misdeeds.

According to DeKalb County jail records, the alleged rape and wrongful detention occurred on March 24. Bishop allegedly sent graphic photographs via texts without the subject’s consent three days later, according to the Daily Beast.

‘We teach sexual education and we believe in nudity,’ Carbon Nation member Daylin Armstead told Fox5Atlanta. So that’s one of the things that’s being brought against my chief for revenge porn, but the female who was here, the woman who was here, she gave agreement to really release it for sexual education, so it’s not porn, it’s for educational purposes.’ It’s unclear whether Bishop has hired legal representation.

Bishop’s fans shared a video on Instagram on Thursday that included a jail cell call in which he explained to his supporters that he was ‘trying to help people’ and was simply ‘misunderstood,’ according to the Daily News.

‘They want to crucify me, they want me dead, there’s hate that surrounds me, you can feel it, just like any other prophet, only me, I’m the return of the Christ,’ he said.

A former model, stripper, and sex worker, the self-described cult leader ‘believes in nudism, polygamy, and refraining from bathing.’

According to sources, he allegedly coerced followers to give up their money, credit cards, and bank account information in order to join his cult.

On his Facebook page, he goes by the names ‘The Messiah Demigod’ and ‘Master Chief.’

Bishop was one of 21 persons arrested in June 2020 after arriving on the Big Island of Hawaii and defying emergency quarantine restrictions for 14 days.

In December, the cult was expelled from Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua after being labeled a “threat to national security.”

Erika Carroll, who claimed to be one of Bishop’s earliest followers when the cult was known as ‘Melanation,’ said she went from New York to Honduras in 2006. She told 11Alive News the physical, emotional, abuse she endured. “If you read how to brainwash somebody that’s basically how you do it,” the victim, said in part. “He [Bishop] has the women fighting each other, he’s putting his hands on the men. He always said he wanted a lot of wives. He wanted ten wives.”

Bishop claims she was given the moniker ‘BP’ since she was one of the group’s founding members. She discusses how her self-esteem was harmed along the road.

‘When I got there I felt I had a pretty good self-esteem and self-confidence, but after every day being there and told, “You’re not doing this right, you’re so wrong,” when I left, I felt like my self-esteem was so low. “I had no faith in myself,” she admitted.

As a cult member, she recalled a normal day. ‘We’d have to sit through these long sessions,’ he’d remark, adding that we’d be confronting our demons in the process. But, basically, he’s projecting what’s going on inside of him onto you,’ she recounted.

Carroll told the news organization that after leaving the cult in 2007, she realized she needed to heal. She said she went to the hospital and then to therapy to ‘get my mind right,’ as she told the news site.

A female neighbor from the Atlanta-Georgia area, who requested anonymity, told WSB-TV about the strange incidents and cult-like behaviors that occurred at his residence.

This piece was written by Staff Writer on April 23, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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