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(Scott Johnson)

White House Economic Council Director joined White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for the July 26 press briefing last week. The White House has posted the transcript here. Talking up the strength of our economy by comparison with others, Deese actually said this:

Well, look, I think that our — our economy is more resilient to the — to the types of challenges that we’ve faced. For example, you know, with respect to food, we’re a net exporter of agricultural commodities. And, obviously, the high prices are hitting Americans very hard, but they’re — that — in a way that is different from some places that are facing famine, for example.

The 22-second video clip is available on YouTube (below).

To access the video on Twitter, I have to click on the warning that it is “potentially sensitive content.” I’m not sure how it will render here. It is shocking, but I wonder what makes it “potentially sensitive.” I can handle it.

Jean-Pierre and Deese are just two of the passengers in the crowded clown car of the Biden administration.


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