Texas Ranchers Reveals Southern Border Crisis Cost $60,000 In Repairs

Just over eight months into his presidency, President Joe Biden has stumbled on every problem he has faced. And that is only when he doesn’t pass the problem off on his even less capable Vice President Kamala Harris. With COVID-19 surging back into the spotlight, the Democrats are hoping voters will forget about an ongoing crisis they single-handedly orchestrated – the Southern Border crisis. For months, the left has granted millions of illegal immigrants to cross the border without even being detained. But remember, to Biden – it isn’t a crisis, yet too many Texas ranchers located on the Southern Border, it has been costly to their business and livelihoods. 


Tired of watching his land being destroyed by cartels and illegal immigrants, Brent Smith, a local rancher, and attorney from Kinney County, revealed to Fox News that his property damage has cost him over $60,000 in repairs. He added, “Us Americans, in this part of Texas, we don’t have the same rights as other people do. We can’t enjoy our property and go in our backyards anymore at night. It’s a tragedy.” 

Sadly, the Democrats continue to turn a blind eye to the Americans suffering and the countless immigrants casually walking into the country. Many ranchers have opted to hire private security companies to protect their lands and livestock. As Smith mentioned, “If it’s a stolen vehicle that goes through the property, their vehicle insurance isn’t going to pay for it and ours won’t either so the landowners are stuck with paying for this.”

Seeing the disaster first hand, Republican Representative August Pfluger introduced a bill that would redistribute $300 million in unspent COVID-19 rescue funds to farmers and ranchers who have been hurt by the Southern Border crisis. Trying to get the bill passed, Pfluger tweeted, “Farmers and ranchers near the border are enduring livestock loss, crop loss, and damage to fences, physical structures, and more at the hands of trespassing coyotes and illegal migrants My bill, the #RAPIDAct, would reimburse farmers for these damages.”


As for Smith, he had a simple tip for his fellow ranchers walking their property.”If you don’t have a gun with you, you’re taking a chance. And it’s sad that that’s the reality we live in today.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on August 3, 2021. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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