[VIDEO] Richard Grenell Spotted Something Odd About Fauci’s Hand During Rand’s Questioning

Dr. Fauci got raked over the coals today on the Senate floor.

Fauci’s nemesis Dr. Rand Paul held nothing back when he went after the little tyrant.

Rand’s focus remains on Fauci’s alleged involvement in gain of function research, specifically pertaining to COVID.

Let’s be honest, Rand Paul has placed a lot of the blame from this pandemic on Dr. Fauci, and many Americans agree with him.

And it would appear that Fauci is really starting to feel the heat.

We know he’s gone on CNN several times to complain that he’s being unfairly attacked, and even went on to say that if you attack him, you’re literally attacking science.

But perhaps the heat is getting too hot, even for Dr. Fauci?

Because former top spy chief Richard Grenell noticed something interesting today during the hearing.

Grenell spotted something strange about Fauci’s hands and zoomed in to have a look.

And what he found was Fauci seemingly shaking while being questioned by Rand Paul.

Either that, or he’s really, really nervously fidgeting…either way, Fauci definitely appears rattled.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s the entire, brutal exchange:

The jig is up.

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