“Officially A Red State” — Florida Republicans Overtake Democrats In Voter Registrations

This week, Republicans officially overtook Democrats in voter registrations in Florida.

According to data from November 17th, there were 6,035 more registered Republicans than registered Democrats in Florida.

Politico reported: 

Florida is now officially a red state.

Republicans now hold a slight voter registration edge over Democrats, just another sign that the state is moving away from its two-decade-old reputation as the nation’s largest battleground state. It’s also more bad news for Democrats as they try to knock off rising national GOP star Gov. Ron DeSantis next year.

Voter registration data collected by the state and shared with POLITICO shows that there are now 6,035 more voters registered as Republicans than Democrats out of 14.3 million active registered voters. Each party has more than 5.1 million voters.

“This is a milestone moment in Florida’s history,” said Helen Aguirre Ferré, executive director of the Republican Party of Florida.

Florida’s move towards Republican isn’t stopping either.

Conservative activist Scott Presler went to Pinellas County, Florida to flip it Republican.

When he went, Democrats had 2,779 more registered voters than Republicans in the county.

That has now changed.

As of November 19th, Republicans lead Pinellas County in voter registration.

Democrat: 242,828

Republican: 242,871

The Red Wave is beginning!

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