Democrat Suggests Paying Immigrants To Leave America

With illegal immigrants flooding into the United States, the Southern border is on the brink of collapse as the Biden administration struggles to figure out how to contain the crisis. For months now, officials and even Texas Governor Greg Abbott have called for stricter border control, yet they have received only silence from the White House. But while President Joe Biden and his VP Kamala Harris do everything possible not to visit the border, Florida Democratic Representative Federica Wilson is confused why the administration is so quiet when the fix to the crisis is easy – pay them. 

That’s right, as thousands of illegal immigrants flood into the country, on Thursday, Wilson had the brilliant idea on how to fix the ongoing crisis. She actually called for President Biden to pay immigrants to not only stay out of America but to also set up “incentives” for them to want to stay there. 

Wilson said, “Fly to those countries. Give money to these people. Set up jobs. Give them some sort of incentives to stay in their country to work.” 

On top of her suggestion, Wilson also warned that the FBI had been tracking chatter on social media that said roughly 60,000 more immigrants were on their way to the border. She added that cartels were profiting off of the crisis at the Southern border. 

Even though the border patrol has worked tirelessly trying to secure the border without help from the White House, they recently came under fire for rumors that they were whipping immigrants. Wilson also addressed this story, saying, “I am pissed. From what I saw of Border Patrol on horseback beating Haitian people, Black people with whips – they looked like whips to me, I’ve been told they’re not whips. My father was a civil rights advocate and a leader, and it looked like slavery to me.” 

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 25, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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