The O’Keefe Project

(Scott Johnson)

James O’Keefe et al. were raided under a federal search warrant procured by the FBI. Although O’Keefe was instructed to remain mum, the authorities promptly leaked news of the raid to the New York Times. All this in the matter of Ashley Biden’s diary.

Among the items seized in the raid were O’Keefe’s cell phones. Fox News reports that a court order has enjoined the Department of Justice from extracting material without judicial oversight.

However, the FBI had already begun its excavation and followed up with its friends at the Times. Adam Goldman and Mark Mazzetti’s have the story based on leaked documents in today’s paper.

Consider that the underlying case involved a lost or stolen diary. Compare it with the government misconduct involved in the leaks to the Times and the Times’s exploitation of the leaks. As Will Chamberlain suggests, what we have here is a deeply disgusting Biden administration scandal in which the Times is an instrument and O’Keefe/Project Veritas are the intended roadkill.


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