Red-State Bikers and Sophisticated Celebrities

(John Hinderaker)

On Meet the Press this morning, Chuck Todd asked Anthony Fauci about the Sturgis, South Dakota bike rally that got under way this weekend. Both Todd and Fauci tut-tutted about how the event will spread covid:

Of course, all kinds of events are going on. Like Chicago’s Lollapalooza, attended by several hundred thousand over four days, where attendees were “literally pressed against each other, maskless.” But Chicago is a blue city, run entirely by Democrats, so Lollapalooza didn’t merit a mention.

And, of course, there was no mention of Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party, where celebrities mingled cheek by jowl without wearing masks. Neither Todd nor Fauci could possibly be unaware of Obama’s super-spreader event–celebrities attended from around the world–but somehow it didn’t come up.

Of course, CNN assures us that Obama’s birthday party was a totally different kind of event from the Sturgis bike rally. It was attended by “sophisticated, vaccinated” people. Never mind that Fauci insists that the vaccinated, like the unvaccinated, should wear masks.

What a joke. It has been obvious from the beginning that the rules that CDC and Democratic governors inflict on the rest of us do not apply to liberal elites. Chuck Todd is not a journalist, and “Doctor” Fauci is not a scientist. No wonder so many people don’t bother to listen to either one.


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