BREAKING: Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens EXONERATED of Any Wrongdoing by Missouri Ethics Commission

Former Missouri Governor Exonerated of ANY WRONGDOING by Missouri Ethics Commisssion

More than two years ago, KMOV back alley reporter, Lauren Trager, broke the story that then popular Republican Gov. Eric Greitens had had an extramarital affair with his hairdresser, Katrina Sneed.

Trager’s reporting included an allegation that Greitens took a non-consensual nude or partially nude photo of K. Sneed to “blackmail” her into silence over their affair. The allegation of a non-consensual photo ultimately led St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner to indict Greitens on a charge of felony invasion of privacy days later. 

The Gateway Pundit later reported that Gardner and her chief investigator withheld information in their case against Greitens. Kim Gardner chose not to have the St. Louis Police Department investigate the allegations against the Governor and instead hired William Tisaby, CEO of Enterra, LLC and a former FBI agent.  Gardner also met with Tisaby and Soros operatives before announcing the charges.

The charges were dismissed several months later over prosecutorial misconduct, including potential criminal conduct. The alleged photo was never found. No witness, including K. Sneed, had personal knowledge the alleged photo ever even existed.

Governor Greitens resigned in May 2019.  The popular governor was facing possible impeachment from the Republican-led House.

On Thursday the Missouri Ethics Commission announced that Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is fully exonerated. 

The Missouri Ethics Commission found no evidence of wrongdoing.




“NO evidence of ANY wrongdoing”

FEBRUARY 13, 2020—After a 20-month investigation the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) released an order fully exonerating former Governor Eric Greitens. They found “no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Eric Greitens.” Charlie Spies, the leader of Dickinson Wright PLLC’s political law practice, served as Mr. Greitens’ legal counsel throughout the MEC investigation.

Further, in an unusual move, the MEC agreed not “to limit the civil or criminal remedies that may be available to Governor Greitens,” against those who made accusations.

“Eric Greitens is and always has been innocent of these false accusations. Our contention from the beginning was that the accusations against Mr. Greitens were baseless,” said Catherine Hanaway, the leader of Husch Blackwell LLP’s Government Solutions practice team and a former U.S. Attorney.

The MEC order is the result of one of the most thorough and exhaustive investigations in the history of the commission. Overall, the MEC issued 23 subpoenas, conducted 20 interviews, and reviewed roughly 8,000 documents, emails and videos. Over the last two years the Greitens campaign incurred costs of over $1.3 million defending against the allegations.

Governor Greitens said, “It’s good to have been exonerated, and I’m glad to have been vindicated. I’m grateful that the truth has won out, but this was never really about me—they launched this attack because we were fighting for the people of Missouri.”

“I would like to thank Charlie Spies of Dickinson Wright PLLC, and Catherine Hanaway of Husch Blackwell LLP for finally setting the record straight,” Greitens concluded.

Charlie Spies and Catherine Hanaway will be available for media comment at 2 pm CST/3 pm EST today. Below is the conference call-in information:

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